A funny mistake in the series “The Beauty of the Harem” is causing a stir


Social media pioneers shared an image and video clip of a scene from Episode 37 of the series “The Beauty of the Harem”, showing the serious mistake made by the makers.

In the details, the star Ihab Fahmy appears in the role of Sheikh Al-Azhari, remembering his friend who passed away and left his son for him to raise him, and he kept his picture in one of the books, where a large number of viewers noticed that the picture belonged to the American serial killer Ted Bundy.

The scene was subjected to a large wave of ridicule and harsh comments, as the director underestimates the minds of viewers by relying on a black and white picture of the most famous criminal in the world.

It is reported that Ted Bundy is the nickname of the serial killer Theodore Robert Bundy, who is considered one of the most famous and most dangerous criminals in the world, and was executed in 1989, and was convicted of raping dozens of girls and women and having sex with their corpses after their murder during the seventies.


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