A mixture of horror and humor .. DZ’Ombie, an Algerian short film that makes the event – An-Nahar Online


By Nisreen Mahfouf

The Algerian short film DZ’Ombie, which mixed horror and comedy, made the event on social media.

The film sparked unprecedented enthusiasm among Algerian netizens, who see this short film as a masterpiece.

This short film was shown 4 days ago on the artist Murad Oudias YouTube channel, with more than 3.3 million views.

Algerians are not used to watching this type of movie, especially with regards to horror and science fiction.

The film talks about the disappearance of humans after a virus that turned them into zombies, or the undead.

The two protagonists, influencer Murad Udaya and actor Arkham Salama, play two young men who seek to survive in the shadow of zombie attacks.

The two young men embark on a cross-country journey to reach a human camp.

During the journey, the two young men will meet a specific character who is part of the zombie and human worlds, and their journey will take an interesting turn.


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