A new accusation … the International Players’ Federation complains about Zamalek to FIFA … and Nader Al-Sayed was involved in the disaster


The International Players’ Union announced its intention to act criminally against Zamalek due to the issue of the dues of its former player Achimbong, indicating that the white intends to make a false settlement with the player.

In an official statement, the FIFA said that it had notified FIFA of the existence of a fake settlement in a dispute between Zamalek and Benjamin Achimbong.

In his statement, he stated: “The illegal agreement is based on the authorization of the player’s agent, who did not contract with Achimbong. The document appeared after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Al-Zamalek ordered to pay about $ 1.1 million to the player for breaching the contract.”

He added: “The International Players’ Federation is communicating with Egyptian and Swiss lawyers to explore the possibility of starting criminal proceedings, and it has also notified all of KefAnd the Egyptian Football Association. “

And“An allegation that Achempong – two weeks after the arbitration court’s ruling – suddenly authorizes a third party to accept a settlement of less than 25 percent of the amount owed is unreasonable,” said Roy Vermeer, FIFA Pros legal director.

وأكمل: “Zamalek presented a settlement agreement signed by the club and its agent, Nader Al-Sayed, in subsequent procedures before the FIFA Disciplinary Committee following the ruling of the International Court, and under this agreement, Nader Al-Sayed portrayed himself as acting on the player’s behalf, settling an amount less than 25 percent of the court ruling Sports arbitration. “

He continued: “Ashimbong notified us and told FIFA that he did not authorize Nader Al-Sayed to do so .. According to the documents that were sent to FIFA, Zamalek then submitted a” check “for this amount to the agent directly.”

وتابعVermeer: ​​”We often face such situations in legal issues of professional football, especially with regard to exemptions or settlements … and football management bodies need to do more to investigate these cases and punish the perpetrators of these acts.”


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