A new statement from the Sudanese Minister of Irrigation regarding the “Renaissance Dam”: threatens half of the country’s population


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Yasser Abbas, Sudanese Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, met in his office today with the head of the European Union mission in Khartoum, Ambassador Robert Van Den Deol, and the head of the political department of the mission, Daniel Weiss, as part of his meetings with foreign ambassadors to explain Sudan’s position on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The Minister of Irrigation provided a clarification on the progress of the negotiations between Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt, and the proposals submitted by Sudan to advance the talks by giving the AU experts a greater role.

Abbas reiterated, in response to the statements of Ethiopian officials to proceed with the filling for the second year without signing an agreement, Sudan insisted on the necessity of the agreement in order to enable the exchange of data with the Rossaires reservoir to ensure the safe operation of the reservoir, and thus the safety of the half of Sudan’s population who live on the banks of the Blue Nile, as was discussed. During the meeting, on how to move the negotiation file to reach a peaceful solution acceptable to the three countries.

For his part, Ambassador Robert van den Dool announced the upcoming visit of the European Union High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Politics and Security, Josep Borrell, to Sudan in the coming days, stressing the European Union’s support for the democratic transition in Sudan to promote the future of peace and democracy.

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