A new wave of anger against the police after the incident of a New York child


Lovely Warren, the mayor of Rochester, said she had directed Police Chief Cynthia Heriot Sullivan to investigate an incident that occurred last Friday, and that the city’s Police Accountability Board would review what happened.

“This is not something that any of us should want to justify,” Warren said, adding that she saw “her child’s face” when she saw the 9-year-old girl.

The city’s deputy police chief, Andre Anderson, told reporters that the police were called after a report that the child was threatening to harm herself and her mother, and when the officers tried to get the girl into police car To take her to the hospital, she resisted and kicked a policeman.

A video clip taken from a camera attached to the body of a policeman showed them handcuffing the girl, while she screams and calls for her father, and refuses to get into the car. A policeman is heard saying, “You are acting like a child,” and the girl can be heard responding, “I am a child.”

The video also showed police officers threatening the child that they would sprinkle her with pepper if she continued to resist, and Anderson said, it did not work out when one of the officers did so.

It is not clear what happened before or after the video, which was released by the police after being montaged, and Anderson said that the child was eventually taken to hospital Rochester Year, and then she was released.

The identities of the police officers were not identified in the video, and no further details about the incident were immediately available.

But the head of a federation the police In the city, Mike Matzio, in statements to a local newspaper, said that the police made a decision to subjugate the girl, and acted in a way that did not harm her.

“I’m not saying there is no better way to do things,” Matzio told the newspaper, adding that the situation the police faced was not simple.

The confrontation comes less than a year after the death of Daniel Broad, aged 41, while being shackled by Rochester police with a hood on his head, which led to the resignation of the chief of the police department and the entire command staff at the time, and the city enacted reforms that included law enforcement authorities.

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