A scene that Youssef Shaheen insisted on in “The Land” caused Ezzat Al-Alaili to be infected with worms


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In more than one television interview with him, the late artist Izzat Al-Alayli talked about his filming of the movie “The Land”, which he collected with the late star Mahmoud El Meligy and directed by Youssef Shaheen.

“Al-Alaili” – who died this morning at the age of 86 years – narrated the scene of the buffalo falling into the canal and the “Al-Alaili” descending to raise it with the help of the farmers around him, a scene that director Youssef Shaheen insisted to photograph himself without using Dobler, which led to his worms.

And “Al-Alayli” continued during his last meeting with the media and artist Isad Younes on the program “Her Excellency” last January: “We were filming in the month of Tobah and Al-Jaw Tjaj, and Youssef Shaheen, the director of Mbehzarsh..I was very worried..so I gave someone a farmer money and told him to go down like that. The water is gone and returned and he said to me, “Take your money, oh, the water is coming, you will come down here … I said, uh.”

He added: “He said: How is the water Milliana worms .. I don’t know what to do. I found Yusef Shaheen who was holding a bottle and drips in the water. I told him, uh, Joe. He said this is antiseptic for worms. I laughed and said this to him, which will cleanse, I mean. More than 10 hours ».

Al-Alayli added that he was infected with worms and subsequently underwent treatment.

“The Land” is one of the classics and masterpieces of Egyptian cinema, and was shown in 1969.

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