A sentry, his wife and their two children … the funeral of a family who was suffocated to death


11:08 PM

Wednesday 03 February 2021

Kafr El Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

The people of the city of Desouk in Kafr El-Sheikh, today, Wednesday, the funeral of 4 bodies from one family, a man, his wife and their two children, who were suffocated to death due to lack of oxygen, while they slept inside the workplace of the head of the family.

The security services of the Qalyubia Security Directorate received a notification of the death of “Muhammad. A”, a sentinel, his wife, and his two children, inside a room in which they were staying in a villa in the city of Obour, the workplace of the head of the family.

An examination with the knowledge of the police revealed that the sentinel lit pieces of coal inside the room in which they were staying, for the purpose of heating, without a breathing room, after he closed the window and the door, and they all fell asleep, which led to their suffocation due to lack of oxygen.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecution Office authorized the burial of the four bodies and handed them over to their relatives who reside in the city of Desouk in Kafr El-Sheikh, to carry out the burial with their knowledge, after it was found that there was no criminal suspicion in the incident.

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