A sharp altercation between Khaled Al-Ghandour and Shema Saber because of Rami Sabry (video)


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The journalist and former Zamalek star, Khaled Al-Ghandour, entered into a clash with the media, Shima Saber, on the air because of her husband, the player of Enppi Club, Ramy Sabry.

Saber suggested to Al-Ghandour in an interview that brought them together on the “On Time Sports” channel, about his belief in the idea of ​​a conspiracy by club players to manipulate the results of matches for the benefit of certain teams, so the Zamalek star denies that claim.

Saber asked him a question about his handling of Rami Sabri’s position when he wore the Al-Ahly club shorts on social media, two days before an upcoming confrontation with Al-Ahly Club.

Al-Ghandour answered that the player made a mistake in wearing the Al-Ahly club shorts before confronting him, adding that he was a player for Enppi. As for the love of the Al-Ahly club, it is a personal matter for him, and he asked: “Ramy imposed a mistake and caused the people’s goal to say what?”

Shima Saber expresses her surprise, directing a question to Ghandour: “Do you mean your heart is on Rami and you are a broadcaster in Zamalek?” And she added, “What if the issue is repeated with both Islam Jamal and Khaled Qamar?”

The former Zamalek star answered that both players had previously played for Zamalek, while Ramy did not play for Al-Ahly. Despite this, Al-Ghandour confirmed that he criticized the players, to Shima respond: “criticize him between you and yourself.”

Al-Ghandour asked a question to Shima: “A player who has a match on Friday, what can he make to wear Al-Ahly club shorts on the fourth day and see social media?”

Shima denounced: “Certainly there remains a conspiracy factor,” and confirmed that Sabri plays in a corporate club, “but it is normal that he encourages Al-Ahly club.”

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