A singer planting a “tremendous fortune” on his forehead … why did he do that?


In the world of sports, for example, many soccer stars or soccer stars in general, show off their luxury cars.

And some rap stars show through gold chains that surround their necks, as well as luxury and huge cars.

However, one strayed from the norm in a strange and exciting way that he could not imagine when he wanted to display his $ 24 million diamond.

Rapper Lil Uzi Vert, 26, has a transplant The Pink Diamond On his forehead .. Yes, he surgically implanted it in his forehead, with all that implies.

The star explained on his accounts in Social mediaHe, like Instagram and Twitter, bought the colossal gem from jewelry designer Elliot Alliant, who works with many stars and celebrities.

It seems that Vert has been confused about what to do with it or where to put it after the purchase, so according to his tweet on Twitter and in Instagram“What do you do with this expensive and rare gem?”, He said, indicating that he was planning to place it in a place where everyone could see it.

Although many believed he was definitely joking, the rapper, whose real name is Sempre Biselle Woods, posted a video on Instagram to show the 11-carat diamond implanted in the middle of his forehead. “Beauty is pain,” he wrote.

In any case, one of the trespassers said, “He must have put him on his forehead, lest someone steal it.”

Of course, this strange behavior posed a question: Is it not absurd to show off the outrageous wealth during the outbreak of a global pandemic, when many have lost so much?


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