A tendency to exclude Zizou from facing Zamalek and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria


The Portuguese coach, Jimmy Pacheco, Zamalek coach, is considering excluding Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the midfielder of the team, from the match against Zamalek and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, scheduled for next Sunday in the 12th round of the League matches.

Pacheco wants to exclude Zizou after his decline in his level in recent matches, and give the opportunity to the newcomer, Saif Al-Jaziri, who came from the Arab Contractors in the last winter transfer period, and Marwan Hamdy, who comes from the clearing Egypt.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly Jeddah’s offer to borrow Mahmoud Alaa, the Zamalek defender, caused a crisis between him and his team-mate Mahmoud Al-Wansh, which was rejected by the Zamalek administration hours before the end of the winter registration period.

A source inside Zamalek revealed that Al-Ahly Jeddah’s offer was to borrow Mahmoud Al-Wensh for a period of 6 months, but the club’s management refused to give up the player and rejected the offer completely, just as they refused to discuss it with the player or his agent.

The source added that one of the players’ agents offered Mahmoud Alaa to Al Ahly Jeddah as an alternative to Mahmoud Al-Wansh, with the administration of the Saudi club granting a promise to persuade the management of Zamalek and Mahmoud Alaa to move to the Saudi team, which happened after the agent spoke with Mahmoud Alaa and the latter agreed, and Alaa pressured the club management from He postponed his loan approval hours before the closing of the winter registration door, and a meeting was held with the Zamalek management on January 30 in the evening at the club to persuade them to leave, but the club’s management refused and stipulated the departure of Mahmoud Alaa in the event of a contract with Osama Jalal, a former Enppi defender who recently joined Pyramids.

Mahmoud Al-Wensh knew of his colleague Mahmoud Alaas attempts to pressure the administration to approve the offer of Ahly Jeddah, which made him feel upset and considered that Mahmoud Alaa and his agent had diverted the show from the winch to Mahmoud Alaa, and Al-Winch spoke with his close colleagues in the team and assured them that Mahmoud Alaa should have He talks to him personally about the Ahly Jeddah offer before the matter is formally raised with the administration, as the relationship of the two is tense.

Ghazal Mahalla against Zamalek

Spinning El Mahalla against Zamalek and the sudden fall of Al-Abyad

The Zamalek team lost from its counterpart Ghazl Al-Mahalla by 1/2 in the match that was held today at Al-Mahalla Stadium in the 11th round of the League matches, as Zamalek advanced with a clean goal scored by Ferjani Sassi in the 69th minute of the match, and Abdo Yahya, the Mahalla player, tied in the 76th minute Omar of the match, and Al-Akhmimi kidnapped the winning goal in the 95th minute.

Ghazal Mahalla against Zamalek

The defeat froze Zamalek’s balance at point 23 out of 10 games that temporarily occupies the top of the league, while Al Mahallas score rose to point 11 in the 10th place in the table.

Ghazal Mahalla against Zamalek

Sassi misses Al Ittihad for expulsion in the Ghazl El Mahalla match against Zamalek

Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi, the midfielder of the first football team at Zamalek, is absent from his team’s next confrontation against Al Ittihad of Alexandria due to suspension, after the player received the red card during the match against Ghazl El Mahalla.


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