Abdel Hafeez inquires about the position of the injured Al-Ahly duo in the FIFA Clubs World Cup


Sayed Abdel Hafeez, Al-Ahly Football Manager, held a session with Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, the team doctor; In order to reassure the condition of the injured players, before facing Al Duhail on Thursday, at the start of the team’s campaign for the Club World Cup, to be held from 4 to 11 February.

During his meeting with Abdel Hafeez, the team doctor confirmed the improvement of “Muhammad Hani and Hussein Al-Shahat” after their participation in the ball training yesterday, confirming that the condition of the duo is good after implementing a rehabilitation program during the past days.

He explained that Hani participated yesterday in the first part of the ball training before he underwent some medical tests on the sidelines of the training; To fully ensure the integrity of the posterior muscle before the player completes the ball training strongly with his colleagues in the various training units that the team obtained in yesterday’s training; Preparing to meet Al-Duhail.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani holds individual sessions with Al-Ahly players, especially young players and those with little experience playing in international tournaments, in order to motivate them and mobilize their energies before their match against Al-Duhail, Qatar, as well as to lift the pressure off their shoulders in light of the difficulty of the upcoming matches.

Musimani also gave the green light to Mohamed Al-Shennawi, the leader of Al-Ahly, and the major players in the team, such as Ayman Ashraf, Saad Samir and Walid Suleiman, to hold motivational sessions with the rest of the players, in order to motivate them and ask them to provide everything they have during the participation in the global event that does not recur frequently, which will remain stuck in the memory Players and Al-Ahly fans, and confirmation that they are able to create a new history recorded in their names in the records of the Red Castle.

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