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Friday 05 February 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

The great artist, Izzat Al-Alayli, passed away in the early hours of Friday morning, at the age of 86, leaving an artistic legacy of more than 150 works that varied between films, TV series and plays.

In the following lines, we review the most prominent stories and information about the late artist:

He was born on September 15, 1934 in Bab Al-Sharia.

He loved the art of acting from a young age, and he used to establish the stage inside the house from the wood of the bed during his parents’ departure.

He was influenced by his father very much, as he loved poetry and reading, and he used to accompany him to attend the shows of Youssef Bey Wehbe Theater and Naguib Al-Rihani Theater, so he joined the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, but he started his career prepared for Egyptian television.

His artistic career began with his role in the movie “A Message from an Unknown Woman” and was able to draw the attention of the producers and directors to him.

He was arrested after the attempt to assassinate President Gamal Abdel Nasser, due to his well-known political activity, which made the security suspicious of him, but confirmed that his prison period contributed to the formation of his consciousness, due to his imprisonment with Abdel-Rahman Al-Khamisi and Hassan Fouad.

The late President Hosni Mubarak blamed him for refusing to attend a dinner that he invited, and Izzat Al-Alayli apologized to him after that, and the artist, Ashraf Zaki, revealed the incident in one of the programs on the air.

“Al-Alayli” has won several awards, namely: The Best Actor Award for “The Road to Eilat”, the 2009 ART Film Festival Honoring Shield, and was honored at the 2017 Oran Arab Film Festival, in addition to being honored at the Alexandria Film Festival for the Sea Basin Countries. Average.

Among the most prominent films with which he participated: “Dust of Diamonds, Berries and Prophets, Well of Betrayal, Our Children in London, The Land, Execution of a Judge, An Appointment with Monsters, Blameworthy O Lulu Shame”.

Among his most prominent television works are: “The Spring of Anger, The Thief and the Dogs, The Bridge, Amanah Oh Night, and Day Comes.

Al-Alayli also performed several plays, which are: Welcome, Bakwat, The Good Man, Khayal Al Shad, and The Village Revolution.

Izzat Al-Alaili’s last work was the series “Family Record”, which he presented last year, in which he played the role of Kamel Al-Khouli, and co-starring Mervat Amin and other artists.

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