Adel El-Far’s daughter reveals to “The Seventh Day” the developments of her father’s health condition


“Iman”, the daughter of comedian Adel Al-Far, revealed the developments in his health condition after entering the intensive care unit in a major hospital in Nasr City, after he was subjected to a hepatic coma. At the beginning, it was not complete, because he was going without a large percentage of consciousness, and he was talking lightly and not focused, but praise be to God we followed him at the beginning, and praise be to God, for now he is well and he is speaking normal.

The daughter of the artist Adel Al-Far added: “My father, praise be to God, today his condition is much better, and yesterday he was tired and entered the intensive care unit while he was still there, but the situation today is better than yesterday. Observation and follow-up. ”

She concluded her speech: I thank Dr. Ashraf Zaki and the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions for his continuous follow-up and reassurance of my father’s condition, and I ask his fans to pray for him to be cured.

Adel El-Far said in statements to him two days ago, that there is no one of his colleagues in the artistic community or his friends to ask about him permanently, and that he lives alone until his friend Khaled Ajaj tries to contact him, but he only responds little

Adel Al-Far was born on December 20, 1961, and participated in many artistic works such as “Hysteria” and “Cheerleading Al-Sema” “and Zakia Zakaria in Parliament”. Among his most important series “Al-Koumi” and “Sahib Al-Saada”, and recently appeared in the series “Al-Fatwa” which It starred artist Yasser Jalal.


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