Administrative Prosecution: The investigations of the ring property violations include employees.


10:48 PM

Monday 01 February 2021

Books – Muhammad Jumaa:

Counselor Muhammad Samir, a spokesman for the Administrative Prosecution Authority, said that the authority will investigate the employees, officials, engineers and technicians of the city council, Kerdasa center and the neighborhood about the legal measures taken regarding violations of the burning ring property.

Samir added, during a telephone conversation with the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, on the “Final Word” program broadcast on the “ON” channel, on Monday evening, that the investigation will include accountability for any employee who proves his responsibility even if his term of service ends, indicating that the administrative prosecution has the tracking of the former employee in relation to Financial and criminal crimes.

The spokesperson for the Administrative Prosecution stated that the mandate of the president of the authority is to fully examine the property file and the extent of its observance of the structural and technical safety standards upon its launch, and to allow the existence of a store in the property.

It is reported that Counselor Issam Al-Minshawi, head of the Administrative Prosecution Authority, ordered an urgent investigation to be opened before the technical office of the head of the investigation authority. This happened in the wake of a fire in an unlicensed shoe store in a real estate in Giza, in order to find out the violations and those responsible.

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