After confirming its continuation .. 10 information about the Platinum Certificate with interest


1:00 pm

Friday 05 February 2021

I wrote – Manal Al-Masry:

Hisham Okasha, Chairman of the National Bank of Egypt, said in statements to Masrawy that the Bank’s Assets and Liabilities Management Committee decided to continue the platinum certificate with a three-year maturity at a fixed interest rate of 11% annually, and the return is spent monthly to make a product that attracts a great number of customers as it is the largest container My savings in the bank.

The Assets and Liabilities Committee of the National Bank came after the central bank’s decision yesterday, Thursday, to keep the interest rate unchanged at 8.25% for deposits and 9.25% for lending.

The interest provided on the platinum certificate is the largest return on the certificates in the periodic monthly return in banks, in addition to 4 other banks that offer the same return.

In the following lines, Masrawy presents the details of purchasing the triple platinum certificate with a monthly return of 11% annually from Al-Ahli Bank and the mechanism to benefit from it:

1- The National Bank allows issuance of the Platinum Certificate to all customers, whether new or established, at the level of its branches all over Egypt in a few minutes or through the AlAhli Net service for subscribers.

2 – The certificate is issued to any customer with the national number only or the passport after opening a savings account to deposit its periodic return.

3 – The certificate is purchased from the first thousand pounds and its multiples, without a maximum purchase of the platinum certificate.

4 – The interest rate is 11% annually and a fixed return without change until the expiry of their terms.

5- The return is paid monthly for a period of 3 years on a regular basis and is deposited, i.e. the customer’s saving account.
6 – The return is calculated from the day following the purchase of the certificate.

7 – The bank issues a direct debit card (Debit) to deal electronically on ATMs with withdrawals or deposits without the hassle of going to the branch.

8 – The bank allows new or existing customers to subscribe to AlAhli Net service or mobile banking for free, in order to allow him to link any other certificates and deal on his accounts electronically.

9 – The National Bank allows borrowing with the guarantee of the certificate at a marginal rate of return above the return of the certificate.

10 – The bank allows customers to break the certificate and retrieve it at the time of their request, provided that 6 months have passed since its purchase, while the customer obtains the certificate at the end of its terms with its full value.


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