“After forty, take an aspirin” … a doctor blows up a surprise about the seriousness of this phrase


Some may advise you to take aspirin or “children’s aspocid” after reaching the age of forty to avoid strokes, without realizing the validity of that advice.

For his part, Dr. Khaled Hamed, a specialist in cardiovascular and cardiac catheterization, warned in special statements to the “Future” website, against taking aspirin without the need for it, indicating that the use of aspirin or aspocide is restricted continuously only to the following categories: (patients with coronary artery insufficiency and angina Thoracic, heart attack, stroke or cerebral arterial insufficiency, people with high diabetes or peripheral arterial insufficiency, the person who installed a stent, or who underwent an open heart operation).

And about the validity of the saying that aspirin “protects the heart”, Hamed said that it really protects the heart, but for heart patients, or those who have been exposed to a stroke in the heart, brain or eye.

He continued: “It is not every need written on it to protect the heart, nor a nutritional supplement, nor a vitamin that remains sweet and beautiful, and God is wrong, and if it was true, my colleagues and I doctors would be the first people here to take it, because Corona does not take vitamin C, your weight, your bank and and! And to make a clot, take aspocide, rivarosper, inject liquidity, and! And because Magellish Sugar took Sedovage and Marl!

A cardiovascular specialist confirmed that aspocide has serious side effects. The most important of them are (stomach ulcers, internal bleeding, anemia and iron deficiency). However, chronic use causes tinnitus and tinnitus in the ear. He continued: “It is forbidden to expose yourself to the risk of side effects and without medical supervision, because Tuktuk told you (after forty take aspirin).”


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