After her transfer to the hospital, Amy Talaat Zakaria reveals to “Masrawy” the details


02:25 PM

Tuesday 02nd February 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Actress Amy Talaat Zakaria recently suffered from a health problem, which required her to be transferred to the hospital to follow up on her health condition.

Amy published a picture of her from inside a hospital, during which she appeared to be receiving medical care.

“Masrawy” communicated with the daughter of the late artist Talaat Zakaria to find out the details of her health condition, and revealed that her condition has become somewhat stable, as she suffered during the past few hours from some problems in her stomach: my stomach was messed up from eating, and analyzes were made, thank God, Explaining: “I was discharged from the hospital yesterday.”

Technically, Amy said that she is preparing to film her role in the “Ladies Only” series, which will be shown in the upcoming Ramadan season.

On the other hand, Amy Talaat Zakaria participated in the play “Dice when he plays,” which was shown a few months ago, and it is starring Samir Ghanem and Tariq Al-Ebiari.

Photo posted by Amy from inside the hospital


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