After rumors of their association … 10 information about Engy Kiwan, Amr Diab’s advertisement model


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The pioneers of the social networking site shared photos of the artist Amr Diab with one of the girls, embracing her and carrying her on his back, which sparked a controversy among his fans, especially after the news of his separation during the last period from the artist Dina El-Sherbiny.

Followers of the plateau wondered about the girl accompanying him in his new advertisement, after rumors about their association, and it became clear that she was the model for his new perfume advertisement and was filmed in Dubai and directed by Tariq Al-Erian.

We monitor the most important information in the life of model Angie Kiwan:

1_ She is an Egyptian journalist, born in Alexandria.

2_ I graduated from the American University in Dubai and resides in the Emirates.

3_ She is married to a Lebanese person, and she has two children.

4- Established in 2013, Rubabecia is the first bespoke home decor store.

5_ She joined the correspondents’ team of the “Zahrat Al Khaleej” program on Abu Dhabi TV in 2016, and participated in the presenter of the program “Qadah Men” with Khaled Selim, Nicolas Moawad and Qais Najeeb.

6_ She has been working in the banking sector for nearly ten years as an investment analyst, financial editor, committee supervisor, and events and events organizer.

7_ The women’s squash championship was presented in El Gouna before, and she is keen to attend the El Gouna festival annually.

8_ She was famous for choosing bold outfits during her participation in events and festivals.

9_Inji Kiwan joined a media academy to develop her skills in the field of media and public speaking to participate in conferences and presenting fashion festivals events.

10_ She participates in the progress of many events in the fields of fashion, sports, finance, children, health programs and corporate events.

The star Amr Diab was preparing to shoot his new perfume advertisement on February 22nd during a big party at Namous Beach in Dubai, directed by Tariq Al-Aryan, and it will be filmed on the rhythms of the song “Wana Ma3ak”.

It is noteworthy that the song “Wana Ma3ak” was released on the album “Ya Ana Ya La”. It was written by Khaled Taj Al-Din, composed by Khaled Ezz and distributed by Adel Hakki.

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