After several years of retirement, the fact that Hanan Turk has returned to acting … Video


Over the course of a few months, the news of the return of the Mu’tazila star Hanan Turk to artistic life once again raises the talk of the pioneers of social networking sites..

The seventh day, “he communicated with the close friend of the star Hanan Turk, with whom she has a close, and different relationship since the Mu’tazila actress left the artistic life completely, as the two receive religious lessons and continuous discussion sessions together, and she confirmed in special statements to” The Seventh Day “, that the star Hanan Turk is now in the United States of America, where she decided to go there to settle without return, and transferred her life completely there, accompanied by her children and her husband.

The close friend of the star Hanan Turk added that the Mu’tazila actress lives with her children with her husband’s family, brother of the Brotherhood leader Hassan Malik in the United States, completely denying Turk’s return to acting, as well as to Egypt from the ground up during these years, describing her return to acting again as extremely impossible..

The news that hesitates from time to time is interpreted by some by preparing the public opinion and its audience to return to artistic life again, especially since the same scenario was repeated with the artist Hala Shiha after several years of complete disconnection from art and its audience.


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