After surpassing the Corona risk curve … What are the scenarios for the return of the second term?


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Monday 01 February 2021

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Two officials related to the management of the Corona crisis at the Ministry of Health told Masrawy that Egypt “has passed the peak of the second wave of the emerging corona virus, following the significant decrease in the number of officially recorded infections from the beginning of January to the end of the month.”

The Ministry of Health and Population recorded the lowest level of injuries last Thursday with 521 positive cases, after the significant increase in the number of cases during the month of December, which reached its peak on December 31, with 1418 cases recorded.

On the other hand, according to the plan of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, it is scheduled to return to studies after the end of the mid-year vacation, on February 20.

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The Minister of Education, Dr. Tariq Shawky, said that he will hold a press conference on February 14th to announce all the details regarding the return of the semester year, stressing not to cancel the school year and adhering to the “modified” study timetable.

Sources in the ministry said that the general trend is to complete the school year, in light of the decrease in the number of infections with the Coronavirus, so that the second term begins on the scheduled date of February 20, and then prepares for the first semester exams for students of the first and second grades of secondary school.

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This comes in light of constant assurances to the Minister of Education regarding the conduct of the first semester exams on time, adding that there is no intention to cancel or replace the exams with research.

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The sources confirmed to “Masrawy”, that the return of the study is inevitable, adding that the suspension was for reasons related to the Corona virus, the size of infections and fear of infection among the students, but with the decline of infections and the decline of the peak of the second wave, it became natural to return to study again.

They added that the suspension of the study in the second term depends on the epidemiological situation of the virus in Egypt.

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