After the publications .. silver rises to a peak of 6 months


And eloquence Silver In spot transactions, their highest level since August 11 at $ 28.99 an ounce earlier in the session, and rose 5.3 percent to $ 28.44, by 04:51 GMT.

Silver has increased, which is the origin A safe haven And industrial metal, about 15 percent since Thursday, when publications began circulating on the Reddit site calling for individual investors to buy shares of silver mining companies and ETFs backed by silver bars in the present, in operations that pushed silver bettors to buy the metal to cover city centers similar to that. Happened in GameStop stocks.

Data from the I Shares Silver Trust Traded Index Fund on Friday showed that 37 million shares were created in one day, each one representing an ounce of silver.

And buying in ETFs can boost silver prices by increasing the number of shares in the fund, causing its operator to buy more metal to support it.

On the back of the silver gain, it rose gold 0.8 percent to $ 1860.76 an ounce. And US gold futures won 0.7 percent to $ 1863.40.

Platinum rose 2.4 percent to $ 1,098.08, with a profit The Palladium 1.2 percent to $ 2,253.64.


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