After the sorrow of the artistic community’s estrangement … Adel Al-Far was transferred to intensive care


Artist Adel El-Far shows that his health is unstable and he was transferred to intensive care on Sunday, January 31, 2021, which is one of the things that saddened many people who follow all his news.

Artist Adel Al-Far was transferred to intensive care

One of the sources close to the mouse confirmed that the artist was transferred to a hospital in Nasr City, and entered the intensive care room after being subjected to a hepatic coma, and it is assumed that the correct diagnosis is made after 24 hours.

It is also mentioned that the source confirmed that the Syndicate of Representative Professions is in contact with the son of the artist Adel Al-Far, in order to follow up on his health and take many necessary measures that help take care of him a lot, and many are currently looking for all the information about his health condition that exists at the present time.

It is also worth noting that the mouse recently stated that his friends do not ask about him, unlike the past, and also he was always wanted in all business and everyone called him at many different times.

During his meeting on the “Cairo Today” program, he said that all his friends from the artistic community do not ask him or call him, and it was explained that he was calling the artist Khaled Ajaj, but he did not answer him. He says, “You miss me so much, well, I am woe to you, you don’t answer me.”


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