Ahmed Fahmy: I have an assertive knot because I grew up poor news


Artist Ahmed Fahmy talked about the circumstances of his growing up in a poor family and how his struggles with life in his childhood affected his life later.

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During his meeting with the journalist “Ahmed Shuaib” on the “Frankly with” program, Ahmed Fahmy said that his upbringing in a poor family and his suffering in his childhood did not cause him to have a psychological contract, and he was behaving in a normal way even after he made a fortune from his work in art.

Fahmy pointed out that his only contract now lies in shoes, since he grew up in a large family and had 7 brothers, and his father used to earn a small sum and buy him shoes every year, pointing out that this knot was not raised with him since childhood, but occurred after his fame and he received a lot of money from his work in art .

He said, “My only contract now is in boots. I am the most popular person in the world who loves to buy boots, and I thought that I was trying to collect my money while I was young so that I could save another pair of shoes other than the one that my father brought me.”

Fahmy revealed his father’s advice to do his best in securing his future financially before reaching the age of 45, adding, “My father used to say, sit down, work from your heart until you have 45 years left, and if anything happens that you don’t work, you will be able to live your life without need. For anyone because your physical strength and health will decline after 45 years. ”

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Fahmi added, “For me, money is important in order to secure the future of my children, and I don’t want them, and they need no more.”

Fahmy is currently completing filming his role in the series “Qaraat Al-Finjan”.

“Qaraat Al-Fenjan” series consists of 10 episodes whose story revolves around a group of people that causes an application called “Qaraat Al-Fenjan” to turn their lives upside down, as it mixes frightening myths in our Arab heritage with the technology used in our lives through it. To read the cup, in a frame of excitement and suspense.

An elite group of Egyptian and Arab art stars meet in the series, they are Ahmed Fahmy, Bassem Mughniyeh, Ward El Khal, Rawan Mahdi, Yara Qassem, Ahmed Shuaib, Mahmoud Al-Laithi, Tatiana Marib, directed by Muhammad Jumaa, written by Iyad Saleh, and the story of Hani Sarhan.

The series began filming at the end of last November in Beirut in preparation for showing it during the coming period on one of the electronic platforms, and “The Reader of the Cup” is Muhammad Jumas second experience in the world of horror after the movie “True Dreams”.

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