Ahmed Moussa to Makki and Karim Abdel Aziz: “Whoever will bring you closer, we will not forget him.” Video


Journalist Ahmed Moussa said that the artists Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Makki are participating in the film Choice 2, which will be broadcast during the coming Ramadan.

Musa continued during the “On My Responsibility” program on the channel Country Echo “As soon as Makki published a picture from the scenes of the series during the merit of the Rabaa sit-in, he was exposed to an immoral terrorist campaign that targeted his person,” adding, “This means that the choice made them cry and hurt them.”

He added, “What Makki and Abdulaziz offer during Option 2 is added to Option 2, as they expose group crimes Brotherhood The terrorist traitor to religion and the homeland.

Picket Fourth

“Makki and Abdulaziz will expose impurity Hassan Al Banna, They will reveal only part of the truth, ”continuing,“ The Rab’a sit-in was armed and was not peaceful. ”

Moussa sent a message to the artists, saying: “Whoever will close you will not forget him.”

“The first martyr in the dispersal of the Rab’a sit-in, the terrorist was an Egyptian policeman,” he added.

Live broadcasting channel echo country

Peter Mimi publishes the scenes of filming the series “Al-Ikhtiar 2” with Karim Abdel Aziz: “I am proud to work with you”

The first picture of Ahmed Makki from the scenes of filming the series “Choice 2”


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