Al-Ahly Channel: We expected Badr Bannon to not join the Al-Duhail match after yesterday’s training session, but these details returned hope


Al-Ahly TV revealed the latest developments in the injury of the first-team football player in Al-Ahly club Badr Bannon, and will he be available for a meeting tomorrow, Thursday, against Al-Duhail, Qatar?

And it was El-Ahly.comBadr Bannon has revealed that he left the team’s fourth training session at the Qatar University Stadium before its end, after suffering an ankle injury.

Al-Ahly TV stated during its coverage of the Al-Ahmar mission in Qatar that the condition of the Moroccan defender is improving significantly and there is great hope for participation in the Al-Duhail match.

The channel added that Bannon was injured in the last quarter of an hour of the team’s training yesterday evening, Tuesday, after a joint ball with one of the players.

The channel confirmed that the Moroccan international is in a noticeable improvement and that the team doctor Ahmed Abu Abla conducted a number of sessions in order to confirm the player’s readiness.

The Red Genie Channel report concluded that the players’ morale was at its height, and the technical staff had studied the Al-Duhail Qatari team well and extensively.

At half past seven in the evening, Al-Ahly will face the Qatari team Al-Duhail at the Education City stadium at the opening of the two teams’ journey in the Club World Cup, which will be held in Doha from 4 to 11 February..

It is reported that the winner of the Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail match will face Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the World Cup, provided that the loser in the fifth and sixth place match will face the loser from the Ulsan and Tigres Unal match.


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