Al-Ahly puts forward scenarios for neutralizing Bayern Munich’s weapons before the February 8th match


The soccer team at Al-Ahly club is going into this evening, Saturday, its primary training session in preparation for the upcoming German Bayern match scheduled for eight oclock tomorrow evening, Monday, Cairo time in the semi-finals of the World Cup clubs, and South Africas Petsu Musimani, the coach of Al-Ahly, intensifies during the current days of his sessions and lectures With the team players to explain some important matters related to the historic match between Bayern, during which the Egyptian and African champion hopes to make a strong show against the European giant, who is the best team that offers a stable level during the last two seasons almost.

Mosimane and his assistants are looking to develop a plan to stop playing the European champions and more, most notably Muller, Lewandowski, Serge Gnabry, Kimmich, Koeman and other stars of the German team that offers collective and offensive football and has physical fitness that may not be present in any other team in the world at least during the last period, so Mosimani hopes during The team’s recent training and sessions with the team’s players about finding the best way to close the keys to Germany’s play and get out with the least losses from this historic confrontation.

In a related development, the coach deals with the errors that appeared in the performance of the team’s players against Al-Duhail and Walt, the most prominent of which was in the second half after Al-Ahly’s performance clearly declined in front of the Qatari champion, which gave the landowner the opportunity to penetrate and attack Al-Ahly had it not been for the brilliance of Muhammad Al-Shennawi, who saved his goal from several Goals achieved, and Musimani talks with his players about remedying these mistakes, most notably the defensive positioning in addition to the decline in the level of some players, led by Muhammad Hani, who was the worst player in the team during the Al-Duhail match, although he made good matches in the last period.


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