Al-Masry: The condition of the team’s five is reassuring after they had an accident on the international coastal road


Dr. Mahmoud El-Shahat, the doctor of the first football team at the Egyptian Club of Port Said, confirmed that the case of the five players of the team, Islam Salah, Karim Al-Iraqi, Muhammad Grindo, Muhammad Shehata and Ziad Farag, who had a traffic accident on the international coastal road, was very reassuring, adding that the player Islam Salah performed a minor surgery to suture a cut wound In his head, confirming that the diagnostic x-rays that the player underwent confirmed the integrity of the skull and brain from any injuries.

According to the club’s official account via Facebook, Karim Al-Iraqi, who suffered a slight fainting, improved after the accident, while the trio Muhammad Grindo, Muhammad Shehata and Ziad Faraj suffered some bruises and bruises.

Al-Khammasi is expected to leave the Burullus General Hospital in a few minutes after completing all administrative procedures.

Al-Khammasi had a traffic accident with the car of the Iraqi player Karim, which collided with a lighting pole on the international coastal road near the city of Burullus, about hours ago.


On the other hand, Al-Masry Al-Port Said and Al-Ahly Bank tied negatively in the match that took place between them at Burj Al-Arab Stadium in the eleventh round of the League activities, bringing the balance of Port Said’s children to 17 points in fourth place in the league table, while the balance of the National Bank rose to 9 points in fourth place ten.


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