Al-Sisi directs the speedy completion of road and bridge projects in Al-Qa


10:42 PM

Friday 05 February 2021


President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi inspected this Friday afternoon, the Integrated Transport Center project, which was established on an area of ​​300 acres, and is located north of the intersection of Suez Road with the Ring Road and opposite Cairo International Airport.

The official channel of the Presidency of the Republic published on the video platform “YouTube” a video clip in which one of the project’s engineers addressed his speech to the President of the Republic: “According to your directives, the planning and design of an integrated transport center that includes a regional transport stand, an administrative area, a commercial area, the last metro station of the fourth line and Khattat workshops. The metro is for the fourth line, and it is easy to move in and out of the center.

President El-Sisi replied to him: “I mean, we can say in Hatta this, that we are talking on the main road of Maadi, the main Suez road, Ismailia and the airport.”

The engineer continued: “According to the project, the road network was developed to accommodate future movement, and the Suez Road was expanded and developed to include 8 lanes in each direction, while the Ring Road was added to a supporting road, bringing the total number of lanes to 8, and a new road was constructed. It connects the Ring Road, the new Suez Road, the old Suez Road, the Muhammed Naguib Corridor, and Al-Rehab City, and serves the areas of New Cairo. It is also very close to Cairo Airport, and thus it serves domestic and international passenger traffic. ”

He continued: “We have started implementing the international bus station, which will reduce traffic densities in Cairo Governorate, and will save passengers travel time, and will also save fuel consumption stations.”

President El-Sisi replied: “If you can get rid of them during the year, this will remain a very great need, and knowing that it is difficult, but the bus station will remain a very great move.”

The engineer said, that the survey work began in the region in coordination with most of the facilities, and the President of the Republic responded to him: “I felt that the axes that were brought to me by the buses wanted to be reformulated, they would wear them well, so that they would not remain 3 lanes, whether for the buses that move or for the people coming.”

The engineer added: “To reduce the burdens on citizens and the loads on the main axes, longitudinal and transverse roads have been established in the Eighth District area, and to solve the problem of traffic congestion on the highway road, two traffic solutions have been worked and studied, the first of which is the development and expansion of Hafez Ramadan Street, from its inception through Hassan Mamoun Street and Ahmed Street. Fakhri Street and ending at Makram Ebeid Street, with a length of 2 km and a width of 6 traffic lanes in each direction, and a bridge is also implemented on the Autostrad Road to solve the intersections between Autostrad Street, Ahmed Fakhry Street, Autostrad Road and Hassan Al-Mamoun Street, and a bridge of 1.1 km long and 3 traffic lanes in each direction in addition to To 2 ramp a service, the first serves the one coming from the highway and heading to Hassan al-Mamoun Street. Ascending serves the next from Hassan al-Mamoun Street and heading to the Autostrad Street, and the bridge will end during the month of April.

President El-Sisi replied: “Before Ramadan.”

President El-Sisi added: “We know that there is a very large overcrowding in this area, and therefore the movement was little, but the axes were expanded so that people could move easily, and what matters to me is that if I had 100 thousand apartments in which half a million people live, for example … by what we did this.” It means that we have completely improved their lives in terms of movement and speed of moving from one place to another .. In general, any need in the region, as long as we are present, we will not get out of it except when we get rid of it completely. ”

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