Al-Tayyar: I dream of becoming a European professional after the end of my contract with the Al-Ahly club


Mohamed Essam Al-Tayyar, goalkeeper of the Egyptian handball team, revealed that he dreams of professional European during the next stage, after the end of his contract with Al-Ahly club, as he is one of the strongest stars in the Egypt 2021 World Championship, which Egypt hosted from 13 to 31 January .

The pilot said, during a symposium honoring the national team on the seventh day, that his relationship with Karim Hindawi is a brotherly and supportive relationship, indicating that he did not play in Egypt except for the Al-Ahly club, but he respects Zamalek.

The pilot pointed out that the national team aspires to reconcile with the Egyptian masses in the Olympics and the next World Championship, after appearing in a performance that succeeded in attracting everyone’s attention, stressing his happiness in light of the broad praises received by the player.

The Egyptian team won the respect and appreciation of the world in the World Handball Championship, after losing to the Denmark team 39-38 after referring to the penalty kicks, after the match and overtime ended in a draw, at the Cairo stadium hall in the quarter-finals of the World Handball Championship.

The team presented a distinguished performance throughout the game, and embarrassed the Denmark team in front of the eyes of all observers of the world, and the team’s players appeared with a high spirit and a very distinctive level. They conceded their first goal in the seventh minute, before Denmark equalized 4/4 in the tenth minute.


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