Ali Hamida is discharged from hospital and prefers to stay with his family in Matrouh .. Video


The artist insisted on Hamida, to leave the Nasser Institute in Cairo, and return to Matrouh Governorate, to spend the treatment period among his family, and enjoy their care, after he was exposed to a health problem that greatly affected him, necessitating his transfer for treatment in Cairo after the intervention of the governor of Matrouh and the Minister of Health, for treatment at the expense State at the Nasser Institute.

The doctor at the Arab Music Institute and the owner of the famous song “Lulaki”, upon his return to complete the treatment at the family home, thanked President Sisi, the Minister of Health and the governor of Matrouh, for their support and care during his illness, stressing that he did not expect the volume of attention and follow-up of his condition from his fans in Egypt and the world. All of it, and to check on him by contacting him, his family and all close people, and through social networking sites.

Large numbers of his relatives and friends, and the people of Matrouh, flock to Hamidas residence in Matrouh to check on him and pray for him for a recovery.

The family had to put a bed on which the artist slept, in the guests’ square, because they were unable to prevent the visiting of loved ones and friends, and medical care and a ventilator were provided to him, in light of the presence of his brothers and their children to take care of him.

Adel Nafeh, the son of the artist’s sister, who was accompanying him during his treatment during the Nasser era in Cairo, said that the medical care and follow-up was at the highest level, and there was follow-up from the Ministry of Health and the Musicians Syndicate, and that they decided to return to Matrouh, in order to be in the family.

The radio station, Ismail Hamida, the artist’s brother, added that Major General Khaled Shuaib, the governor of Matrouh, follows up and communicates continuously, and deals on the basis that Ali Hamida is not only one of the sons of Matrouh, but is a symbol of the Matrouh Governorate, and the Minister of Health is kindly requested to follow up on his case, and he was placed in a distinguished wing in Nasser Institute, and he was discharged, on the personal responsibility of the family, to complete the treatment in the family home, which parents and loved ones flock to.

The artist’s brother thanked all those who watched and asked them for more prayers for his brother for his recovery, indicating that he is receiving treatment and there is a respirator, and the necessary medical follow-up will be provided, and follow-up with the specialist doctors at the Nasser Institute.

He explained that the beginning of the health problem was a gallbladder problem that led to chronic problems in the digestive system, and an atomic scan was done, which revealed the presence of a small tumor in the liver and lung, and it was referred for treatment at the Nasser Institute, and now it is returned to the family home to complete the treatment.

It is noteworthy that Ali Hamida is a doctor at the Institute of Arab Music, and participated in acting in a number of films and has many songs, the most famous of which was the song “Lulaki Mahabet”, which achieved the highest distribution rate in Egypt and the Arab world at the end of the eighties of the last century, and achieved great success.

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