Amir al-Masry’s participation in “Star Wars” … complete secrecy and security is watching him with the script | Video


The artist, Amir al-Masry, explained that his participation in the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was done in complete secrecy and special procedures, including watching him while reading the script of the film.

During his hosting of tonight’s episode of “Your Excellency”, presented by artist Issad Younes on dmc channel, Amir al-Masry told me the scenes of his joining the famous series, and said: “I worked in a series called The State, with director Peter Kosminsky, and then the responsible director spoke to me. About the nomination of actors in the series, and she told me that she showed director JJ Abrams models for my work, and he likes to put me in the role of Commander Trach, but it is forbidden for me to talk about the subject with anyone, not with my agent, my family, or my friends.

He added: “She also told me that she could not send the script to me, and that I would save the script on the day of filming, and a security man would follow me while I read, and this would be repeated over the course of two weeks. The filming period … It was very difficult for me to hide my participation in the film from everyone for eight months, and even Download the movie. ”

Amir al-Masry expressed his happiness with his nomination for the Best Actor award in the BIFA Awards, especially since his nomination for the award was in front of actor Anthony Hopkins.

About Hopkins, Amir al-Masry said: “I watched his film The Father at the opening and cried three times. Honestly, it is an acting lesson, and to be a candidate for the best actor in front of him in BIFA, that’s enough.”


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