Amr Diab leads the trend with pictures with the broadcaster, Anji Kiwan, I know the details


The plateau leads Amr diab The trend, after the spread of his pictures with the presenter Ingie Kiwan, which raised his audience’s questions about the reasons for these pictures, and sources confirmed that the pictures are due to the scenes of a new advertisement for the plateau in Dubai.

Amr Diab with model

Amr Diab with Engy Kiwan

Amr Diab in the latest appearance

Amr Diab in his latest appearance with Angie Kiwan

Some of Amr Diab’s fans expected that the pictures would be among the scenes of his filming one of his new clips, especially since he released his album “Ya Ana Ya La” during the last period, and it met with great success.

Amr Diab spends his current vacation in Dubai, and from time to time his followers and fans share a shot of him accompanied by his friends in the Emirati city, and he had published a new photo through his personal account on the Instagram site, through which he appeared while driving his car in the streets of the United Arab Emirates.

The plateau Amr Diab with model

The plateau Amr Diab with Anji Kiwan

Amr Diab had shared his fans and fans through his personal account on the social networking site Instagram, a video clip revealing the scenes of his last concert in the United Arab Emirates, as part of the activities of the shopping festival, where the video documented the extent of the audience’s interaction with him during the ceremony, along with the appearance of his daughter Kenzi and his son Abdullah With him on stage, the account of the plateau commented on the video, saying: “Summary of the Dubai 2021 concert .. The summary of Amr Diab’s concert at Dubai International Stadium.”


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