Amr El-Ganaini reveals the fact that Mamdouh Abbas owns the var


Amr Al-Janayni, head of the five-year committee revealed the previous In the Football Association, the fact that there are shares of Mamdouh Abbas, the former president of the Zamalek club, of the var company that the Football Association contracted with to apply technology in Egyptian football, confirming that this information is completely incorrect, and that the company is Spanish and it implemented the 2019 African Nations Championship in Egypt.

Al-Ganaini continued in his interview on Ontime Sport with journalist Ahmed Schubert, that the Ministry of Sports, as the administrative body, agreed to apply video technology.

Amr Al-Ganaini, the former head of the five-year committee of the Football Association, confirmed that he was surprised by the speech of the International Federation of Football Association FIFA about our departure and the same thing to the Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhi, and he did not know about this matter.

Al-Ganaini continued, in his interview on Ontime Sport: “I knew that we were walking by the response of FIFA, which was a surprise, of course. Even when I reached Ashraf Sobhy, I was surprised, and he said that another committee will come.” And theAl-Ganaini added with a laugh: “The tripartite committee will be appointed on January 31st, today, January 35, for Les Payne.”


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