An Emirati newspaper reveals the secret behind Al Jazeeras annulment of Amouri’s contract


An Emirati news report revealed the reasons for the departure of Omar Abdul Rahman from the Emirati team, Al Jazeera, after the termination of his contract with the team he joined in the summer of 2019.

The Emirati newspaper, Al Bayan, stated that Al Jazeera management had suggested to Amouri an option to end the contract seven days before the end of the winter transfer period, as negotiations between the two parties continued during that period until an agreement was reached on Monday to terminate the contract.

The newspaper indicated that the reason for the termination of Al-Jaziras contract with Amouri is due to financial reasons, confirming that the player received all his financial dues to leave the team satisfied.

The newspaper stated that Ammouri’s departure from the island was not related to the presence of an offer from another club, adding that the move was an initiative of the island’s management.

Amouri had joined Al-Jazeera in 2019 from Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia, where he participated in the last season with the team before suffering a knee injury at the beginning of the current season, to undergo treatment and rehabilitation later.

The newspaper added that the player has recovered and will be ready to play on the first of next March, as the player seems determined to continue his football career.


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