“An Islamic Cafe for Camel Urine” is stirring up controversy in Saudi Arabia


5:30 pm

Monday 01 February 2021

I wrote – Iman Mahmoud:

The pioneers of the social networking site “Twitter” circulated a video announcing the “launch of the first Islamic cafe specializing in camel urine,” which sparked widespread controversy among opponents who considered it an offense to Islam, and supporters confirm the benefits of the drink.

The spark started from a Twitter page called “Together Against Religious Dealers”, when I posted a video of a man standing in a desert area – which has not been identified – in front of him with a cart carrying a drink to sell to a group of bearded men. An Islamic cafe specializing in fresh camel urine …

The Saudi writer and political analyst, Turki Al-Hamad, was the most prominent commentator on the video and the attackers of the matter, saying: “With such people, Islam is really in crisis.”

Al-Hamad added in his tweet: “I mean, there is nothing left of this great debt except for this part of doubtful authenticity? .. Yes … we are in a stifling crisis of existence.”

A follower of the political analyst responded, saying: “A suffocating crisis is caused by those who want to impose some hadiths on people’s minds.”

Another replied, denouncing: “What do you say about the many cases that have been cured of cancer because of it ?!” And what do you think of doctors ’assertion of his competence in fighting cancer ?!

On the other hand, an observer objected, saying: “This is impurity, disease, sickness, and something contrary to common sense.”

Another said: “The problem is that we make fun of China when they eat a bat. The bat is a thousand times more merciful than urine. After those who say that there is research that camel urine cures cancer, they gave us one person who heals from camel urine. True mind is a blessing.”

According to “CNN”, the issue of drinking camel urine was and still raises interaction and division in Saudi society, as the Saudi Center for Medical Research announced in 2009 that there is a tendency to start producing medical capsules containing camel urine for use in treating cancer and related diseases. .

While Dr. Khawla Al-Kuraia, a Saudi scientist in cancer genetics, said in February 2019 that there is no scientific evidence that camel urine or milk cures cancer, confirming that these allegations are only allegations and have no basis in truth.

In the context, a study has shown that camels can cause “Mers” disease. “Anyone who comes into contact with camels may be infected with this infection,” says Millicent Minayo, a monitoring officer for a study conducted by the University of Washington in Marsabit County.

This infection is the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome “MERS”, which is caused by one of the Coronaviruses, but it has been proven to be at least ten times more deadly than the Corona virus that causes Covid-19. This virus was discovered in 2012 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to what was reported by “BBC”.

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization in 2016, laboratory examinations confirmed that 1,761 people were infected with MERS, and at least 629 of them died of causes related to the disease.

And in the same year, an outbreak of infection in a hospital raised the alarm about the possibility of the infection spreading to all people, not just camel herders.

According to the “BBC”, there are other factors that exacerbate the risk of spreading “MERS” among humans. The increased frequency, intensity and length of droughts due to human-induced climate change prompted cattle herders to raise camels instead of cows and sheep; Because it can withstand thirst for weeks. For this reason, the number of camels increased and the opportunities for contact with them increased, thus creating conditions for the spread of the deadly disease.

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