An original 45-year-old Apple computer sells for $ 1.5 million


This device, whose enclosure is made of original Kua wood, is offered for sale at a price of $ 1.5 million, knowing that it is the only device in the private sector, while the other five devices are in Museums.

It includes a sale transaction.Apple-1The old Sony TV-115, which was like computer screen Recommended by Jobs himself, according to the British “The Sun” newspaper.

It is worth noting that the “Apple-1” was designed and made by hand when Apple launched from my father’s garage Steve Jobs In Mountain View, state California.

The owner of the device, Krishna Blake, who lives in the United States, and who had acquired it in 1978, two years after its manufacture, said: “This piece of original technology is now a masterpiece that can be obtained, and can never be replaced.”

Blake explained that the Apple-1 computer is currently stored in a bank’s vault Florida To keep it in a safe place.

He said he was ready to deliver Computer By hand, as it is very valuable to be shipped independently.

The sale deal includes digital copies of the original owner’s manuals, diagrams, a basic guide, cassette interface, and manuals.

Get some basic games, memory tests, and a video of the 30th anniversary of the device’s industry.


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