An urgent warning from the meteorology to the Egyptians about the weather of the reel .. Thunderstorms and torrential rains


The Meteorological Authority revealed the details of the expected weather, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, the third of February, 2021, as a state of instability prevails in weather conditions starting tomorrow and continuing until next Friday, corresponding to the fifth of the same month.

The meteorology experts said that starting from tomorrow, Wednesday, there will be a state of instability in weather conditions, as the country witnesses a decrease in temperatures until next Friday, and experts added that the state of instability starts from the northwest coasts and Sinai, and extends during this period To the rest of the country.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain, starting tomorrow

The meteorologists indicated in the details of a statement issued today at noon, that the rains will be moderate to heavy and sometimes thunderstorms on the northern coasts, Lower and South Sinai at intermittent periods, indicating that there is an activity of dramatic winds of sand and dust on the northern coasts, South Sinai, North and South Upper Egypt.

This state of instability in weather conditions causes disruption to maritime traffic in the white and red seas, and waves reach a height of two meters to three and a half meters.

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