Apple’s next mixed reality glasses will cost $ 3,000


Recent leaks revealed that Apple is working on mixed reality glasses “a mixture between virtual and augmented reality”, where a new report issued by 9to5Mac indicates that one of these devices – a headset – could reach stores in 2022, and 9to5Mac cites a report issued by The Information claims that this next headphone is expected to come with 8K ultra-high definition screens and cost around $ 3,000.

“The mixed reality headset developed by Apple will be equipped with more than a dozen cameras to track hand movements and project real-world video to people who wear it, along with 8K ultra-high-resolution screens and advanced eye movement tracking technology – tracking technology,” states the report from The Information Direct knowledge of the device.

The report notes that the use of two 8K screens in the headphone will make the picture quality much higher than that of other consumer headphones, including the majority of high-end TVs, and with regard to the cost of this device, the report said, “Among the biggest risks is the price of the device, which is likely That would cost much more than $ 300 to $ 1000 for the current Oculus VR headsets from Facebook and others.

And last year, Apple internally discussed product pricing at around $ 3,000, more than the initial price of the company’s high-end notebooks, but about $ 3,500 Microsoft charges for its mixed-reality headset, HoloLens, according to someone with first-hand knowledge of the device. ”


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