“Arrested in the desert” … Parliamentarian: We can apply Muhammad Ali’s experience with


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Monday 01 February 2021


Ayat Al-Haddad, a member of Parliament, said that street children can be benefited from, because they are a wealth that Egypt has not benefited from, as they have physical capabilities that make them endure the bitter cold in winter.

She added in her speech to the plenary session of the House of Representatives, Monday: “Instead of looking at these people in an inhuman way, they can be integrated into society again, by transforming the course of their lives from street children to people who positively influence society, contribute to the building and progress of the state and participate in the development of The state, as did Muhammad Ali, and he realized that these would be the reason for the collapse of the great Egyptian state that he dreamed of, as he decided to arrest them all and put them in a camp in the desert near the military college he established in Aswan, and they stayed there for 3 years or more, and he ordered French trainers to be brought in various professions And handicrafts to train these homeless people. Indeed, the experience of Muhammad Ali succeeded, and after 3 years he graduated to Egypt, the most skilled craftsmen, fluent in crafts and industries, and fluent in French and Arabic. “

She added, “It is necessary to work to integrate them into society and benefit from their physical capabilities. It is possible for the state to contribute to this by transferring them to a camp and being trained by, for example, retired army officers to train them, and if possible to join the army, which makes them perform service to the state and teach them professions.” And a distortion of what is beneficial to society, and also for them themselves, which makes them feel that they are people who obtain their right that the constitution has granted to everyone, which is the right to life, and also feel their importance and the positive outlook of the state for them and prevent them from becoming criminals who are difficult to control by leaving them on the streets.

And she continued: “These are a time bomb that must be overcome. The phenomenon of street children opens a series of endless crimes, and this phenomenon must be eliminated, and the Ministry of Interior must collect these and get to know those with them from among the children, and it is also possible to do a fingerprint analysis.” Hereditary to ascertain the lineage of these people and then hand them over to their families. “

The deputy also suggested a request for people with special abilities, as the constitution stipulated for the first time the protection of the handicapped and those with disabilities, which was not applied on the ground, namely the participation of the handicapped in parliament, and it was the first step of its kind, suggesting that the state establish an institution that includes people with special needs, disabilities and the like, This institution will act as the sponsor and protector of these and under the responsibility of the state and is considered a home for them, and this institution is qualified with all the capabilities of a sports, cultural and educational club, and all professions are available in it, including doctors, teachers and athletes, and this project is a solution to all the problems facing our society from unemployment where you need The state needs teachers to teach these people, and it also needs doctors to treat these people if they need to, that is, it is considered an integrated city, and with this project Article 81 of the constitution will be applied on the ground, and the state at that time will be committed to actually doing it and not saying to protect the rights of these people healthily through the availability of doctors taking into account these for them health And socially, through the reintegration of these people into society and their sense of the state’s consideration for them, and culturally by educating them within this institution and the availability of all possibilities To achieve this, and entertaining by providing all the means of luxury for these people, and athletically by providing playgrounds for practicing sports and providing coaches for them, and educational by teaching them within this institution, and providing job opportunities for them after qualifying them within this institution.

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