Asala begins writing her diary and describes it as an “Indian movie”, indicating the motives for deleting the picture of her husband and his lover | Art Saraya News Agency


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The artist “Asala” revealed a reason Delete A picture of her husband, “Tariq Al-Aryan,” accompanied by “Nicole Saafan,” which was rumored about a relationship between them.

Asala said in an interview monitored by the “Drama Trend” platform, that she loves expressing her true feelings on social media, so she posted the photo.

She refused to talk about the subject, explaining that she had deleted it so that she would not see it whenever she wanted to enter her account and view its contents.

She revealed that she is preparing to start writing her life story with help Writer Kabeerah from one of her friends, explains some details and actions of some people.

Asala said that her memoirs are suitable for being “an Indian movie”, noting that people do not believe some of what is shown in the movies that actually happened to her.

She also spoke about her position and opinion of meeting the fate of director “Hatem Ali” and before him the poet “Nizar Qabbani” in death outside her country, Syria.

She said that society did not reach the stage of appreciation imposed for those personalities, considering that Hatem did not take his right to neglect the union and official institutions.

She added that she is not afraid of dying outside Syria, and said that she wishes to be buried in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and elsewhere, and there is no difference between countries.

He added, “Abu al-Nakad curses .. I will cry.”

The latitude applied “east”: Press here


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