Ashimbong refuses to reconcile with Zamalek and adheres to one million and 250 thousand dollars


Ghani Ashimbong, a former Zamalek player, refused to reconcile with the club’s management regarding the fine signed by the International Sports Court, amounting to one million and 250 thousand dollars in favor of the player, after Zamalek canceled his contract with Asimbung due to his poor quality.

Zamalek management offered to pay only 250 thousand dollars to the player, which is the value of his last season’s contract with Zamalek, but the player refused and adhered to the ruling of the Sports Court to obtain the full value of his contract for the seasons that were remaining in the contract.

On the other hand, the statements made by Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim Jensh, goalkeeper of Zamalek, sparked controversy within the team after the goalkeeper confirmed that his relationship with his colleague Abu Jabal, the main goalkeeper of the team, is a “stadium relationship … and his level is normal.” With Mohamed Abu Jabal, the goalkeeper of Zamalek, except for the stadium only, because he does not tend to leave the house, and about the relationship between him and Muhammad Abu Jabal, during the last period, saying: “My relationship with Abu Jabal is in the stadium only because I do not tend to leave the house.” .

Also, his words about Abu Jabal’s performance and his level in the current period is that it is normal because he is a player in Zamalek, but the most important thing is to maintain his level, which indicates that Abu Jabal did not present anything new or make an effort, but rather that his presence in Zamalek was what determined his performance. As he said about Talaq Abu Jabal: “It is normal and natural because you are playing in Zamalek Club, and the most important thing is you prefer at the same level. “.

Not only that, but his statement that Mohamed El-Shennawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, is the best goalkeeper in Egypt, at the present time, also sparked a volcano of anger, especially since the fans of the two clubs are not accustomed to praising one of the other, but rather that it is normal for a goalkeeper to choose from Zamalek and not The opposing team. When asked about the best goalkeeper in Egypt, Jensh said: “Mohamed El-Shennawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, is the best goalkeeper in Egypt now. ” .

It is expected that Ashraf Qasim, the football supervisor in Zamalek, will hold a session between Jensh and Abu Jabal to end the crisis between them for fear of increasing the gap between them, which affects the level of the team.


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