Audience after the scene of the rape of Pearl: We will give you your right from Marwa and Boda


The scene of the rape of Pearl “Mai Omar” in episode 30 of the series sparked the anger of the media and the audience interacted greatly with the episode, and they expressed their anger strongly at what happened with Lu’lu ‘, after her great shock at her old friend Marwa, and Buda, the person who loved her, and Badr put “Muhammad” Al-Sharnoubi “to Lu’lu”, “Mai Omar” was drugged in the juice, so she lost consciousness, then he raped her and filmed his rape on a video, in order to exploit him against her to get what he wanted from the money.


The star Mai Omar, through the Story feature on her Instagram account, shared the audience’s reactions that she received after the episode, including: “We will give you your right from Marwa and Buda”, “Your feeling has reached all of our hearts”, and “With your expression, you are a star that you know affects our hearts.”


The 30th episode of the series witnessed hot events, after Lu’lu` began to suspect a connection between her friend Marwa – Hadeer Abdel Nasser – and Boda – Muhammad al-Sharnobi, so Lu’lu ‘goes to Boudas workshop and finds the men of her husband Tariq – Ahmed Zahir – who are outside and asks them to contact Tariq and tell him She came to meet Buda.


Before Lu’lu ‘entered Budas workshop, she heard him talking with Marwa on the mobile and assuring her that Lu’loua was the bridge to reach the life they were looking for, and she discovers their plot to steal all her money, and at the same time she hears Ikram – Salwa Othman – the mother of Lu’lu`s Marwa as she talks with Buda and discovers that she is betraying her daughter and managing To steal it with the participation of Buda.


Pearl enters the workshop on Buda and pretends in front of him that she is normal and tells him “I miss you”, and tries to lure him by assuring him that she decided to divorce and marry Tariq from him. She also tells him that she discovered that her business manager Magdy – Edward – had stolen her and stole her with the power of attorney she placed him, and that once she married her Boda will fire Magdy.


He puts a sleeping bud of pearl in juice and after she fell asleep she put it on the bed, and suddenly Tariq – Ahmed Zahir – comes to the workshop and finds her sleeping on the bed and I think that she was cheating on him with Buda and divorces her, and then Pearl goes to the house where she met Budas father and mother, but she is surprised that they left The place and that Meroe is the one I rented with Buda.


The Lu’lu` series, which takes place in 40 episodes, and is co-starring alongside Mai Omar by: Ahmed Zahir, Edward, Naglaa Badr, Nermin Al-Feki, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Hedy Karam, Salwa Othman, Imad Ziada, Hamdy Heikal, Hadeer Abdel Nasser, Mohamed Mahran, Gouri Bakr, the story of Mai Omar and the script and dialogue of Mohamed Mahran, directed by Mohamed Abdel Salam, and supervised by the author and directed by Mohamed Sami.



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