Aviation sources: The Russian experts ’evaluation of airports is positive, and we await the resumption of flights


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Sources at the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation revealed that the results of the evaluation conducted by Russian inspection experts for the Egyptian airports, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, which actually ended last Wednesday, and the Russian experts presented it in their final report to the Russian stakeholders, confirmed that the level of the evaluation was very positive, and that it is possible to reopen Charter flights from Russian cities that were allowed to organize flights to Egypt at the rate of one regular flight per week, and that the decision will be in the hands of the Russian authorities to give the start signal for the resumption of charter flights to Egypt.

Diana Friedman, Director General of the Bellemare Agency, which made a trip to Egyptian tourist cities in conjunction with the visit of the Russian delegation of inspectors, said that the reopening of charter flights to Egypt could affect the balance of power between destinations already open to the Russians, noting that she made a tour during which she searched Egyptian hotels , Explaining that the impression found by many and the professionals of the profession that hotels are in poor condition, and there is no tourism, and that the infrastructure is bad is a wrong impression because Egypt now has many new hotels, with luxurious service.

Diana explained that there are some closed hotels in Egypt, saying: “I searched them, I can say that up to now they are constantly monitored and maintained, and that hotels are able to open within one day and that everything is ready to receive tourists, and there are no complaints about nutrition. But the only thing is that there are slight difficulties with the price of liquor due to the high taxes on alcohol and the rather low occupancy of 20-25%. Hotel owners do not want to spend money on expensive alcoholic drinks, and that this could change with the arrival of Russian tourists. ».

She explained that with regard to methods of preventing the Coronavirus in Egypt, the decisions taken by the Egyptian government prevent the filling of hotels by more than 50%. At the present time, and that this matter for the huge Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh hotels, the tourist will feel that he is alone in this resort, which will give Egypt an additional advantage.

She indicated that for the Russians, Egypt is considered a year-round resort, due to its proximity to the central cities in Russia, and the Russian tourist will get a good alternative to the directions that are already open, in addition to the fact that the opening of Egypt will change the current situation of the cost of tourist trips, for example, to Turkey and the Emirates. Prices are rising every day, even in the early booking stage.

“We are, of course, looking forward to returning to Egypt, as tourism in Russia, especially the economic and middle-income brackets, incurred heavy losses, and travel has become only for the very rich who have the opportunity to relax – as for families with children they cannot afford to travel to currently open countries such as the Maldives or Zanzibar,” she said. Rather, it will choose Egypt and it will be the first choice for most Russian tourists.

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