Barcelona overtake Granada in the cup quarter-finals


Barcelona qualified for the Cup semi-finals after winning 5-3 against Granada after extending overtime, today, Wednesday, in the quarter-finals of the tournament at the Nuevo Le Carmenas stadium (Granada).

The match ended in a 2-2 draw, after the Catalans realized their position in the final minutes of the match.

Match events

A serious threat from Trinkau against Granada came in the 8th minute of the match, after following up on a ball that bounced in front of him, but the goalkeeper was on time and turned it into a corner kick.

In the 22nd minute of the match, Messi tried to practice his habit of scoring from fixed kicks after sending a ball towards the current right corner, but Aaron Escandel was in the season and was able to block the ball and turned it into a corner kick.

Kennedy scored the lead for Granada in the 34th minute of the match, after Alberto Soro sent a pass to his colleague in front of the empty goal and did not face his difficulties in scoring.

Roberto Soldado scored the second goal for Granada in the 48th minute of the match, after he obtained the ball from Angel Montoro and placed it on the right side.

Griezmann reduced the score in the 88th minute of the match, after he got a ball dropped from Messi behind the defense.

Antoine Griezmann returned in the 90 + 2 minute to repeat the same game with Messi, but he received the captain’s ball with a header by Jordi Alba, who blew the ball into the net with the header.

Antoine Griezmann’s creativity continued and added the third goal for Barcelona in the 100th minute of the match, after receiving a cross from Jordi Alba, who landed it in the net with a wonderful header.

Granada did not need more than 4 minutes to draw with Barcelona through a penalty kick through Fedi, who outperformed Ter Stegen in the direct confrontation and landed the ball in the net.

The meeting continued its fun and Barcelona was able to advance again with the fourth goal in the 108th minute through Frankie de Jong, who followed up on a shot that was blocked by the goalkeeper from Lionel Messi and put it into the net.

Jordi Alba managed to score the fifth goal for Barcelona in the 113th minute, after he got a pass from Antoine Griezmann inside the penalty area, aimed directly at Granada.


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