Basketball star Stephen Jackson becomes Muslim: The happiest day of my life ever


American basketball star Stephen Jackson revealed his conversion to Islam, through a video in which he appeared during the opening of a mosque in Philadelphia, and described this day as the happiest day for him in his life since his birth.

Jackson is considered one of the most important stars of the professional basketball league NBA During his playing period before contracting the 42-year-old 6 years ago in 2015 after a career spanning 17 years, during which he played 14 seasons in the NBA itself, where he was a prominent player in the San Antonio Spurs team that won the NBA championship in the 2002 season – 2003.


Steve Jackson also played for several other teams, including the Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers, Golden State Warriors and the Milwaukee Bucks, and Baron Davis, one of his former colleagues in the Golden State Warrior team, described him as “the leader of this team and if you ask anyone on this team, he is the heart and soul of this team.” According to a report published on 5pillarsuk.

The report added that Jackson recently spoke passionately about the killing of his old friend, George Floyd, when he marched in protest rallies in the United States of America, especially since he had known Floyd since they were teenagers growing up in Houston, just as Jackson himself said that they were walking in the same neighborhoods.

Stephen Jackson

Regarding his conversion to Islam, he said: “If I can defend change in the world and everyone will gather together and stand together and make history with protests and knock on some doors to obtain social justice and change some of these laws – if the president will not do that, I will stand and do it.”

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