Basma Wahba: I have to tell you Amr and Dina


The famous Egyptian broadcaster Basma-Wehbe talked about the relationship of the Egyptian star Amr_ Diab with the Egyptian star Dina Al-Sharbini, and talked about the reasons for their separation from her point of view.

Basma said: “Unfortunately, I have to tell you Amr Diab and Dina Al-Sherbini, cursing some of him? They cursed some of our pulpit together, the moon and humility, and every sweet need in it, which is also every sweet need in it.

Basma Wahba continued that some broadcasters are taking advantage of the separation of Amr Diab and Dina El-Sherbiny to ignite the atmosphere between them. Comfortably for the people, if one% of they return to some, they will not return, because of the transmission of words and interpretation.

Basma Wahba explained that it is not appropriate to deal with the biography of the two parties, as they are public figures, and advised them that money may buy anything and fate may bring anything but love is priceless, and that they try to compromise, bring points of view, and not dispense with their love easily.

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The Egyptian star Amr Diab had separated from his beloved actress Dina El Sherbiny, and there were reports that she asked him for an official marriage, but he refused for fear of losing half of his fortune because he is still married to his Saudi Arabian wife Zeina Ashour, who is entitled to take half of his wealth if he marries her according to English law that prohibits polygamy.

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Dina disappeared from view as soon as the news spread, then a picture of her spread during a working session with the author Muhammad Suleiman Abdel-Malik and director Khaled Marei, to prepare for her new series (Qasr al-Nil), and she appeared sad about parting the plateau.

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