Bezos resigns from “Amazon” .. who will succeed the world’s richest people?


The company said in a statement, Tuesday, that BezosThe richest man in the world will leave his executive position later this year, especially in the summer.

But Bezos will not be far from the company, as he will continue to hold the position of chairman of the board of directors, and he will focus on developing the company’s initiatives and other tasks.

Immediately, all eyes turned to the man to succeed Bezos, with whom I became involved.AmazonFor decades.

The company said the new CEO is Andy Gacy, who currently runs the division Cloud ComputingThe most important part of the company that looks set to shape its future.

And Bezos wrote in a letter to employees that he had “complete confidence” in Gacy, stressing that he was a very well-known person within the company, and would be a distinguished leader in it.

Gacy is one of the first generation of “Amazon”, as he joined it in 1997 after graduating from the prestigious Harvard Business School.

“My last business school exam was on the last Friday in May 1997, and I started working in Amazon the following Monday,” he says of that period.

He added, “I did not know what my job would be, nor my job title.”

The website for “Amazon” states that Gacy is the one who created the Internet services in the company, namely cloud computing that develops the infrastructure used by companies, schools and governments.

Within years, the computing service in the “Amazon” company developed into a cloud platform used by millions, outperforming other companies such as “Oracle” and “Microsoft”.

The company now owns nearly half of the cloud computing infrastructure market, and holds a 30 percent share of the cloud computing market.

Observers believe that the choice of Gacy is in line with the company’s aspirations to continue its leadership in the field of cloud computing, which is superior in it.

It is noteworthy that the company achieved profits estimated at $ 13.5 billion in 2020 from cloud computing only, and this constitutes 63 percent of the company’s total profits.

And “Amazon” in the field of cloud computing, increased revenue by 28 percent in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In January 2020, the market value of Amazon exceeded one trillion dollars, and in January 2021 the market value was greater than $ 1.6 trillion, which reflects the expansion of Aamal and its success in achieving profits.

The company is at the forefront of the global cloud computing market, although it faces strong competition from Microsoft and Google.

And “Amazon” was launched in the nineties of the last century from a small store selling books, and expanded little by little until it became an e-commerce giant that sells everywhere in the world.

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