BMW’s “Secret Dealer”!


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The story of the new agent of the famous and ancient German BMW brand deserves to be a great mystery in our Egyptian car market .. after the absence of the official announcement of the name of the agent .. and the details of the deal and its terms .. and future plans and how to deal with the “Egyptian citizen” who owns a BMW car … or someone else who is seriously considering buying one in the coming months … and the current situation is very strange and very ambiguous … which reduces the credibility of the great German name in our country … and makes the new agent’s task more difficult to return to the top position in luxury car sales in our market ! ..

For many long months, the name BMW in our country has been associated with gossip, rumors, “gossip” and complaints about coffee … or cafes, in the most accurate sense, as they are luxurious and precious agencies.

We and others have talked a lot – we and others – about the series of transferring the power of attorney from its owner, Sheikh Al-Qatari, to a new owner who succeeds in seizing the “deal of the century” in our country and kidnapping the “rigid name” that is loved by a privileged class within our high-end society.

We followed the successive chapters of the exciting series … and reviewed the names of the competitors who submitted serious files that flew from Cairo, Dubai and Riyadh … directly to Munich, Germany, where the giant “ring” headquarters of the prestigious company is located .. And the “screening”, evaluation and comparison process for a final triple list “Short” is located. list ».. Then a lone winner of the whole cake .. We waited for a long time for him to ascend the podium for the coronation .. and toast his victory and announce to the whole world the news of his victory, saying:“ I am the new BMW dealer over Al Mahrousa land ”!

We and others waited for a long time … and the winner did not ascend .. and did not attend .. We did not hear him, even faintly, during the past months, and we only heard “rumors” … words of “incomplete” and unconfirmed phrases .. and stories that are sometimes It is very contradictory with reality and logic .. We still want “one useful sentence” based on the opinion of our star Saeed Saleh, a colleague of Yunus Shalaby in the “School of rioters” … We have not succeeded until this moment in hearing it or reading it from a reliable source .. real without fatwas or “Fashr” Or «squawk»!

Even the facts that we received and published – with joy and pride – on the pages of Al-Masry today under the title “We Are Unique” … We are now approaching the stage of questioning it in the first place: “The Kuwaiti Al-Ghanim Group won the new German title.” … This was the main headline .. and within the topic Many details, secrets and positions … But where is the new agent? … Why has he not appeared yet? Why does he refuse to deal with the Egyptian press specializing in the field of cars? … How does the parent company in Munich commit such a catastrophic and naive mistake by not writing an official and certified press release announcing the details, facts and secrets … at least its new agent in Egypt offered “two sweet words” Is a serious and decisive setting … and not to leave the space and the scene for gossip, rumors, and skepticism in the first place about the “happy end” of the deal of the century, which we and others announced, blessed and were very optimistic about it?

The question is: Didn’t the parent company fear the length of the “foggy period” that passed on the BMW name in our country and extended for about two whole years … and this certainly negatively affects the fans of this luxury brand in our country … and they are in the thousands … and of course the former agent – the Bavarian company – And the founding agent of the brand in our country – the engineer, Hussam Abul Fotouh – made extraordinary efforts to establish this name in our country in light of a hot and fiery struggle with the “sworn friend” Mercedes to acquire the confidence of this class of Egyptians dealing with luxurious and elegant cars .. Tens or hundreds of millions were spent From the pounds to create credibility and build bridges of trust with the “customer” .. And now we see the situation “on the ground” with a very shaky and very disturbing BMW power of attorney .. And a large part of these “sins” are borne by Munich residents inside BMW headquarters .. and they certainly know that it is In “Europe and the developed countries”, the official announcement of “deals” is made with an “important and urgent” statement issued by the parent company .. We have never seen, throughout the history of the global auto market, an alliance between one company and another that takes place in silence without publicizing it in front of the world press .. Without waiting for several months, rumors are launched and a repetition Lies … We also did not hear about the appointment of a new agent in a country that respects a famous brand to be contracted with and the actual signing of contracts, clauses and details without a clear and explicit “press release” in the concept of absolute transparency … which I believe the Germans know and understand very definitely because they belong to the largest and most prestigious “Management schools” all over the world! ..

It is very strange that the new BMW agent in Egypt has already started moving and working from early December last .. The steps of “blowing up” the previous administration completely and permanently changing all its personnel .. Despite my reservations about this procedure due to the presence of some “human competencies” within the agency that cannot be dispensed with About it so quickly .. and its presence would have benefited the “agent himself” in this important and dangerous transitional stage .. Despite all of this, I cannot deny that what the new agent did is his “completely right” and he cannot be blamed and criticized because he wants “new thinking.” And a different style »!

Also, the “new agent” agreed with some “well-known faces” in our market to assume leadership positions in the new formation of BMW management .. And rightly so, some of them really deserve this “upgrade” and will certainly succeed in the difficult task.

However, the basic problem remains … which is that the “new agent” is still in the “unknown” category in the Egyptian market … and all the work, planning and arrangement is done in complete secrecy … and this has created a very fertile environment for rumors and gossip .. some of them are very comical and hard to believe .. Such as a rumor that the old Qatari owner of the power of attorney retreated from completing the deal due to the Egyptian reconciliation with his country! … Or the story of the intervention of Farid Al-Tobji, the captain of the old power of attorney ship, to thwart the deal due to a major disagreement over his financial rights, which may reach one billion pounds. Sharp “Kuwaiti Saudi” inside the new coalition that won the deal.

Gentlemen, we are waiting for an official and explicit “press release” from the mother company to announce the name of the new agent in Egypt .. And we are also waiting for this “secret” name to appear in the light and come out announcing himself, his plans and ideas in front of the Egyptians … at least until he gains confidence Existing and future customers of this ancient and famous brand!

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