Bye the street vendors .. 10 Information about the Meydan Mahat development project


6:14 PM

Sunday 31 January 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

The Governor of Alexandria, Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif, announced today, Sunday, the start of the implementation of the project to develop the field of Misr Station in the Central District, in cooperation with the National Service Projects Organization.

Misr Station Square, or “Al Shuhada,” is one of the largest and most famous squares in Alexandria, due to its unique location in the heart of the coastal city, and the presence of the main train station.

On the outskirts of the square are ancient buildings and other archaeological buildings, including the Roman Theater, Kom al-Dikka, Alexandria Stadium and the martyrs’ memorial, as well as important streets such as “Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim and the Khedive.”

The idea of ​​establishing the square dates back to 1951, when King Farouk entrusted the artist Fathi Mahmoud to design the square in this large area and to exploit the space left by the railroad monsters.

“Masrawy” reviews the most important information about the development of the Misr Square Square project after years of neglect and the control of street vendors over it, to restore the civilized form:

– The project comes within the framework of an urgent strategic plan to eradicate random markets, including the markets of “Cairo Street, the Religious Institute, and Hanoville”.

The project will be implemented by the National Service Projects Organization, according to a cooperation protocol signed between the Brigadier General Engineer, Mamdouh Zawam, head of the agency, and Major General Mohamed Al Sharif, Governor of Alexandria.

The project implementation period is estimated at 12 months, starting today.

– The project includes the establishment of 3 parking spaces, including two parking spaces for taxis “East and West” and another for public transport buses.

The development includes the creation of an urban market to solve the street vendors ’crisis, which contains 182 weeping and 60 shops.

– Within the project, works to raise the efficiency of parks and green spaces in the field are being implemented, with the allocation of seats for citizens.

Completely re-paving the square with traffic adjustments that allow full circular traffic movement, to solve the traffic crisis.

– The project takes into account the heritage buildings overlooking the square by restoring and lighting a number of heritage buildings such as the post office, the central and others.

– The project coincides with the development work carried out by the Ministry of Transport for the building of the Egyptian railway station, whose age exceeds 92 years, with a total cost estimated at 360 million pounds.

– The governor described the project as ending the excesses of the street vendors, the chaos and the bad sight that the square suffered from over the past years.

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