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Sometimes we repeat words that we understand their meaning, but do not reach the depth of the sense of their meaning unless they are embodied. Today, I went beyond understanding what it means for a person to be “inspired” to a deep sense of meaning, after I read the story of Captain “Tom”, that old Englishman who drowns those who read his story in a crowded feeling of appreciation, sympathy, sadness, strength, defiance and determination, and all this may mean ” Inspiration ». Captain Tom passed away two days ago, and he stirred the world, I suppose, with this mixture of emotions.

Captain Thomas More was not aware that he would become an inspiration to the British – and perhaps the whole world – when he announced his 100th birthday by campaigning to collect £ 1,000 to fight the Corona virus, by walking inside his garden with the help of a 25-meter walker, ten laps a day. The goal rose to 5,000 pounds, then to 500,000 pounds as more people participated in the campaign. The Captain Tom initiative turned into a campaign, and Moore became a national hero in Britain, having raised more than 33 million pounds ($ 40 million) for the health sector ahead of his 100th birthday.

Two days ago, it was announced the death of Thomas More, or Captain Tom, at the age of 101, after suffering briefly with pneumonia caused by his infection with Corona. His body, which he had unleashed to fight the virus, could not bear it. He could not tolerate a virus millions of times smaller than the bombs that had been dropped on its head during World War II, in which he participated as a warrior.

The last year in Tom’s life was inspiring and wonderful. His rejuvenation and living things he had never dreamed of. Queen Elizabeth hosted him at Buckingham Palace to award him the title of “Sir”, after hundreds of thousands of citizens’ signatures, and with a special nomination from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. He launched a charitable foundation in September, which became a beacon for humanitarian work in Britain in a few months, to fulfill his wish for the world to be more optimistic and fair. He launched his famous campaign “For the National Health Authority” to combat “Covid-19”.

The man did all this in his 100th year. As if he will live forever. He believed in a five-word sentence that was chosen as the title of his autobiography, which he published last year, “Tomorrow will be a good day”, “Tomorrow will be better.”

Could it be in the life of each of us that Captain Tom is buried under the rubble of despair, pointlessness and sadness? The man in his 100th year believed that tomorrow would be better.

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